I need a lard can
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Where can I find a container to let me strain and store bacon grease?

My mom has this old tin that has a built in (removable) strainer on the top (like a canning jar strainer) and then a lid. She pours all her bacon grease into this can. The strainer catches the chunks of bacon, then all the grease goes to the bottom, where it hardens into lard while in the fridge. Then she can take off the strainer and scoop out the lard to use for cooking.

I can't find this for sale anywhere. I'm not sure what to call it. It's not a fat separator (there is no pour spout). It's a lard can...or bacon grease can. I've tried Amazon, Google, and eBay with no luck.

Anyone know what it's actually called, or even better, where to buy one?
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Can't you just pour old bacon grease into a tub through a sieve?
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If you want to go really primitive, my mother always uses two or more sheets of paper towels and strains the fat, so that all the smaller sediments get caught in the paper.
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My grandma used to use a big old coffee can and a strainer with a paper filter. Maybe some Southern cooking websites would know of something like what you describe?
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It's not a fat strainer is it?
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If Dog Food's fat strainer doesn't work for you and you don't want to spend time cleaning your sieve, you could fasten cheese cloth around the top of a canning jar. If you got the kind that have tops with removable inserts, you can remove the insert and replace it with cheese cloth. That gets you something approaching a screen that can be screwed on and off.
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Best answer: I have a Depression-era fat strainer for just this purpose. It's a metal canister with a snug-fitting lid and an interior strainer to filter out the bits of burned flotsam and yick and keep the bacon fat all, y'know, bacony.

You might try haunting vintage shops, thrift stores, old ladies' basements, or eBay, but you can find a new one here.

I was surprised not to find one at The Vermont Country Store, the center for all goods frugal and folksy.
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I also just pour the bacon grease through a couple layers of paper towel into a jar, which I keep in the fridge. Mmm, bacon fat.
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The fat strainers to which dog food sugar linked are fat seperators with strainers in the spout. Different thing.
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Sorry about that oversight.
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I've known people who use and old drip coffee maker, the middle basket in top position.
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I just use a tea strainer - only just a larger, cheaper, and less elaborate one that can be found in the "cooking/baking" aisle of supermarkets.

As for a container... a ceramic version of a mason jar? I think ceramic top-locking jars can be found that are sold to keep (whole) coffee beans in.
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Best answer: Mirro makes exactly what you want. They call it a Grease Saver. It's also useful as a low cost, lightweight backpacker's cooking pot.

I can't find them anywhere on line. I got mine at the Bennington, VT Wal*Mart (Yeah, I know) for I think four or five bucks a month ago so if you hunt around I'm sure you'll find one.
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Response by poster: Thanks, Elsa. This is exactly what I was looking for. The Mirro product Opposite George linked to seems to be the same type of thing.

Thanks also for all the cheap, around-the-house mod job grease strainers. It would probably be a lot more sensical to craft one of these, but I'm a sucker for novelty products.
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