Presenting newspaper scans as a book
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What's the best way to organise a book of old newspaper clippings, quotes and recipes? (Scanned and/or transcribed)

My grandmother left me a biscuit-tin full of newspaper clippings. During the 50's, 60's and 70's, she contributed short essays, opinions, hints, and family stories, to local newspapers and magazines. I've also got a hand-written recipe book which she had written out as a young woman, and her 'Treasure Book' in which she transcribed quotes, poems and Bible verses in later life.

I want to compile all of the newspaper clippings and highlights from the other two sources into a book to give to friends-and-relations, at least.

I'm looking for insight on the best way to organise it - not all the pieces are dated, though many are; I could group them by theme, or date, or pen-name. Then there's photos, and so on...

They'll all need to be transcribed first, because the clippings are yellowed, so not all of them will have scans in the book. (although I am planning on scanning them all at a high resolution for archive purposes) There are about 200 newspaper clippings alone.

Bonus points if you can point me at an example where someone has done something vaguely similar before that isn't in the "scrapbooking" genre of prepackaged "craft" materials!
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Why not organize it primarily as a recipe book, using the quotes and tips as space fillers in the margins? It would give people a reason to use it regularly instead of being put aside as a memento.
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Similar to jrossi4r's idea (which is excellent) would be to organize it all as a calendar or date book. Pick out any relevant holiday- or special-themed pieces first, than match the others with other days or seasons.

Or, some kind of "All I Need To Know I Learned From My Grandma" type of book? See if there are any common themes to her writing, and try to organize everything to fit those themes somehow.
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