Help me diagnose an audio/visual issue in my podcast
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I recently switched to Riverside to record my video podcast. After a break of a couple of weeks, I logged back in to do a quick recording and found my audio lagging my video unacceptably. Help me figure this out so I can get back to my schedule?

I am running Windows 11, and my mic runs through a Volt 276 mixer. I'm able to replicate the delay in Elgato capture utility, which suggests to me that it's an issue with my setup rather than the podcasting platform. My husband is my usual A/V guy but he's swamped this week - what can I troubleshoot on my own?
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Best answer: Are you sure the audio is lagging behind the video and not vice versa? The other way around (audio early, video late) is more common, and when things are out of sync it can be hard to tell which it is.

What steps have you taken already, if any, to troubleshoot?

Do a full reboot of your computer. Do a reset of the Volt mixer settings. Unplug and replug the mixer (from the computer). Let us know if there's any progress!

Oh also- unplug and replug your camera. What are you using for a camera?
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Double-check that your audio and your video are coming from the same device on your recording inputs. For example, if the audio is coming from your computer's built-in mic and the video is coming from an external USB camera, you may have sync issues.
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Response by poster: The good old IT standard....unplug, replug, reboot. Seems to have worked - or at least to have reduced the delay to a point where I can deal with it! Thanks all for your assistance.
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