Steve Jobs quote about not being irreplaceable
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I have a memory of Steve Jobs, during his final illness, saying something to the effect of, "No one is irreplaceable. I'm only irreplaceable to my family. But I'm not irreplaceable at Apple." Something like that. Can you help me find the quote? When I do a web search, all I get is quotes from people talking about how Steve Jobs was irreplaceable, which is not at all helpful.

The word might not have been "irreplaceable". It might have been some synonym or related concept. But the essence was that no single person is necessary in the world, except to their family. Family is the only place someone else can't step in.
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That sounds like his 'deathbed essay' which unfortunately was faked, there are multiple vaguely similar versions of it but none were written by Steve.
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“The cemeteries of the world are full of indispensable men.”
Charles De Gaulle

similar idea
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Response by poster: It was not his deathbed essay (which I never saw until now). It wasn't filled with post-capitalist nonsense and regret about wasting his life. It was just irascible Steve Jobs calling bullshit on people saying saying Apple couldn't survive without him, and I think I read it before he died.
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