Where can folks upload videos to one place – very simple *and* private?
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I am helping with a project where we are asking several people to upload a short video, to put together for a school project. I am trying to figure out the best cloud platform to use, with these concerns in mind...

- It needs to be super easy, with no one having to create an account/log in/do anything except drag and drop it into a folder.

- Some of the folks might be concerned about other participants getting access to their contact info/email addresses.

– Some of the people may not have a gmail address. And while I can share a Google Drive folder with people without gmail that allows upload, it seems like I can only share edit access and keep the link restricted, rather than use the 'anyone with this link can upload' option, since the latter requires a login. Which would seem to me that anyone could then see the other contributor's email addresses. Please correct me if I'm wrong!

If it sounds like I'm working with extremely private or sensitive info, it's really not like that. I'm just trying to keep any concerns at bay. I'd prefer Drive due to ease of use on my end, but I also have a Dropbox and a Smugmug account. Simply emailing me the videos won't work since some will likely go over the gmail limit for attachment file size.

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If your school is in the Microsoft ecosystem, create a Microsoft Teams site for the group. Make sure participants can only access their own folder. Or have team members send you the file in Teams chat. Or just have each member send you the one drive link directly.

Your school may also let you create a custom site in your LMS platform (e.g Canvas, Blackboard).

Otherwise talk to IT/ school librarian about school sponsored options.
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A web search for “receive large files” turned up the service TransferNow that may do what you need.


Unclear if receiving files would be 100% free for you, but the monthly fee for a single user is under $10/mo, which seems reasonable, especially if it’s a limited time project.
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I don't know how long the videos are expected to be and hence the file sizes, but if you were looking for short clips and worried about seamless uploads and privacy, I might go an alternate route and pay for a Cognito Forms account for a short time, then make a form with a file upload field, restricting extensions (only .mp4, .mkv., .mov and whatnot) and sizes. Their max upload size is 250MB, which is fine for things like short phone-based video but if you're trying to get full short films or something, obviously not.

You can also set up all sorts of other restrictions, have checkboxes set up so they have to tick "I consent to have this video used as part of the X project" before they can submit the video, etc.

The size restriction element might be a deal-breaker for you, but the form-and-attachment route doesn't require a login, is super easy for the end user, and you can bake some other information-gathering and consent stuff right into the flow that way.

As a f'rinstance, here's a form I set up for work for job applications: https://chessinstitute.ca/careers/ (scroll down) -- you must attach a CV (pdf and docx only), and an Ontario or BC postal code in the address field, before you can submit.
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You can do this with Dropbox: How to create a file request.

You can create a link with optional password protection that anyone can use, and they don't need a Dropbox account themselves.

You'll need the space in your Dropbox account to accept the files, but other than that it should be straightforward.
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Seconding parm's suggestion of Dropbox's 'file request' feature. My company used it for this exact purpose, and we found it was pretty easy for non-technical people to upload videos directly from their phone.
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