Recipefilter: Israeli eggplant dip w/ chicken and egg?
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I'm looking for a recipe to dupe the Oren's Hummus (in the SF Bay Area) signature eggplant dip -- it's distinct from baba ghanoush, which they also serve, by the imperceptible additions of chicken and egg. Anyone know about this kind of eggplant dip?

FYI, I know that the Oren's Eggplant dip contains chicken (probably broth?) and egg because I've bought it in their grab-and-go containers before, which require ingredients to be listed.
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Best answer: This page doesn't give a recipe, but describes the dip as "a puree of fried eggplant, spices, savory chicken reduction, caramelized onion and hard boiled egg," which might be enough to get you started in the right direction.
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The "chicken" is a reduced stock (see right side here a little over halfway down, look for the Oren’s Eggplant (GF) entry). The egg itself is a puzzlement that I cannot find an answer to (thus far, anyway) so I'm going to guess that they're using egg yolk (not whole egg) as a thickener. Could be egg whites instead, I'm not finely-tuned enough to discern that on tasting, but I'm definitely guessing they're using some egg to thicken it when cooked and normally I'd have guessed yolk for that purpose.
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Best answer: Mirza Ghasemi doesn't have the chicken stock, but it may be a route for your experiments. I linked to the top result of my search, there could definitely be better versions out there.
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Best answer: I’ve had the dip you’re talking about and it was always a bit of a mystery to me too. One interesting thing to note is that the combination of ingredients has quite a few similarities to sabich, especially the use of egg. There’s lot of recipes for sabich out there but it’s not usually made into a dip.
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