Can I eat this dipping sauce?
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I had some artisanal 'spicy sweet soy sauce' sitting unopened for a couple of years. When I opened it, the cork came out with a pop and a swirl of smoke. Can I still eat it?

I have a bottle of artisanal dipping sauce (ingredients: soy, water, salt, wheat, plus chillies, sugar, sesame seeds), made with microbatch soy sauce that is fermented for two years. I forgot about it after buying it, and it lived in a dark spot at room temperature for two years. It's now about 3 months past its best before date.

Last night I uncorked it. The bottle was well sealed and had never been opened. When I opened it, the cork came out with a solid little pop, and a little swirl of vapour rose up. It smells like, well, soy sauce.

If it were plain soy sauce I would probably use it without hesitation, but the additions (sugar, chilli, sesame seeds) are giving me pause. About 90% of the time I fall on the 'eat it' side of 'can I eat it', and it takes a lot to poison me anyway, but at the moment I'm alone so if I were to be ill it would be a hassle.

Answers preferred from those who have actual experience of small-batch/handmade/artisanal sauces rather than kikkoman etc. I would be grateful not to be berated about food safety.

I have emailed the makers, but I expect they will give the most cautious answer for a customer rather than what they would do in their own homes.
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Best answer: I would do shots of this (delicious salt!) without hesitation. The salt level should keep any nasties from reproducing, and from your description, it sounds like it was very well sealed.
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It should be fine. The metric I use for "how expired is this substance" is, by what fraction of its total lifetime is it past its best-before date? In your case, the shelf life after bottling was at least 21 months (purchase date to best-before date). It is now at most 3/21 = 14% of a "lifetime" past its best-before date. That is not a large fraction.
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