Everybody be like whoa!
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ObscureHipHopFilter: identify this sample.

...Off the Hollertronix mix album "Never Scared," the first track begins with a little kid rapping over a beat. I want to know:

a) Where the sample of the kid rapping is from
b) What the beat is

The track is the same title as the album, "Never Scared," and I get the feeling this sample is used other places too.

Google was no help.

The kid's words are (as I understand them):

When I come through the street everybody be like whoa / like her too / everyday I go through the street like whoa / Everytime nobody play with me I whoa / and then mm mm mmmmm / an MC, and uh, uh, like dro, like whoa / I keep bling bling around my neck cause I'm wit thangs

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A mp3 clip would be helpful
posted by Brian James at 1:20 PM on May 12, 2006

You're right. When I get off work I'll try and put one online.
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I've always figured that the kid was recorded by Diplo or Low Budget and they just put the sample at the beginning of the CD, particularly since you hear an older guy kind of mock the kid with 'Whoa, whoa, whoa' for repeatedly rhyming 'whoa'.
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Is it possible that it's part of the 8Ball & MJG sample in the following list?

Track 1 ‘Never Scared’
8Ball & MJG ‘Stop Playin’ Games Intro’
Kano ‘I’m Ready’
Clash ‘Rock The Casbah’
Missy Elliot & Ludacris ‘Gossip Folks’
Debby Deb ‘When I Hear Music/Lookout Week End’

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Hi, i got an email from a lurker about this:

i was googling a track listing for hollertronix - never scared
and found dead_'s (brett) post on metafilter..

i hope you don't mind.. i found your emails on his contacts..

he had a question back in may..
please fwd/relay this to him:

that WHOA jibberish in the very beginning
is not really a sample..
it's a kid ?freestyling a la BLACK ROB's WHOA!

that's all.

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