Adobe Acrobat: Change all links at once?
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Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional: I've got a document with several hundred links in it. Right now, they're all invisible; I'd like to change them all to dotted rectangles of a particular color. Is there any way to change the appearance of every link in the document simultaneously? "Make this the default appearance" doesn't do it; it only affects the links you make in the future. Help?
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This does not directly answer your question, but raises a possibility. If these are links to web pages, and if they are based on text contained in the document, saving the PDF document to HTML will convert the links to plain old web links - the text within the box will end up after the A HREF tag and before the /A tag. Then the HTML file can be opened in Acrobat and saved as a PDF file with live text links.
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