Good UK TV forums?
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What are some good message boards to discuss British TV?

I'm really looking for something popular with Britons, since sites with mainly US members like TWoP tend to follow BBC America timing, or ignore shows altogether.
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ILE, while not even remotely TV-focused, is often v. good for this. The boards were created by Brits so there remains a sizable and active community.
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The BBC has its own TV messageboard, although it does seem a bit disorganised in terms of discussing specific programs. Channel 4 also has forums for their programs, although a lot of those are American imports anyway..
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Digital Spy has good wide-ranging forums.
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I second Digital Spy. It's particularly good for soaps... not that I watch those...
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Another recommendation for Digital Spy.
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I'm quite keen on the lowculture messageboards, a spin-off from the rather good blog. It's not as good as TWOP though. People just don't take telly as seriously over here.
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This is for a specific show, rather than Brit tv in general, but the QI site has a rather rich forum under the "Talk" link. And *such* a good show...
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On UKNova's forums you can not only discuss the shows in question, but also download them.
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