Self-employed tax credits for sick and family leave during Covid?
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A freelancer friend just told me about a relatively unknown Covid-era tax credit that may be still available to folks like us. I'm wondering if this it worth pursuing.

It's the equivalent of paid sick/family leave for self-employed people: if you lost work time either caring for someone who was sick or--in our case--kids who were home from school due to the pandemic between 1/1/21 and 9/30/21, you could be due a refund through Form 7202. (The deadline for the previous year expired in April.) This could represent a significant chunk of $ to both of us.

My tax preparer is looking into it, but in the meantime I'm wondering if anyone out there has had any luck with this?
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If no one come by with personal experience, there are a few reddit threads about it within the last 6 months.
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I used this credit in 2020, thought it was only a small amount as I was working only part time prior to and through the pandemic. I'm not sure enough time has passed to say I won't get audited for it.

IMO it seems this may be the latest trendy "tax loophole" that really isn't. It's not just a credit for child care - we were all caring for our children during the pandemic. But there must be documented days off work, IIRC. not just reduction in hours or reduction in income. I was tracking billable hours and could link work requests to zero billed days and COVID illness.
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(I should add I filed this form on my original 2020 1040. I don't have experience trying to amend.)
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Sorry to triple post, reading those reddit threads I am very concerned about the tone of many of them. It is the same tone that "ERC mills" used to advertise for fraudulent Employee Retention Credits.
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^in the first link in my answer, user GoatEatingTroll warns against "shadow preparer" mills and offers details (after someone mentions another member of the site offering assistance with this form).
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