ID a specific monument location in Père Lachaise Cemetery
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I want to find a specific monument from a photo in Pere Lachaise Cemetary in Paris so I can find it in person.


It's this, two hooded figures. I ran a reverse image search on it once and got some matches, but not info. I want to be able to pinpoint this on a map.
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Response by poster: This is a better photo.
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/r/whereisthis or one of the related subs may be able to help.
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The statue appears in two other online sources (confirming Père Lachaise location for the image on the Type O Negative album cover)

1, 2

It is adjacent to a modest tomb for three people from the STEEG family. Someone with squintier eyes than me might be able to determine their first names and dates. There are 75,000 people buried in PL, obvious on-line searches find no STEEGs.
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Arthur Dark's You Tube Channel This guy has encyclopedic knowledge of many, many cemeteries. He may have featured the site you're looking for amongst his huge library of clips. He's super interactive with his social network, so you may be able to just drop him an inquiry. I hope this is helpful.
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I've been following the same trail as BobTheScientist, and found three people with the surname Steeg buried in Père-Lachaise, with scanned cemetery records here, here and here. I don't speak French, and the middle entry is confusing, but it looks like the first and third ones have the same grave location (89 24-90 1-93). If I squint, I think that the top right name on the grave might say Michel Alain, and the bottom one might say Raymond, and the top left one might say Colette, but there really aren't enough pixels to know for sure. I couldn't find any other photos through a reverse image search that have a better look at the grave.

So "89" may be section 89, where Oscar Wilde's tomb is, and the other numbers I assume are some kind of grid reference. You can't browse that part of the cemetery in Google's Street View, but that may help to narrow it down a bit. If you actually go to the cemetery in person armed with this information about the Steeg plot, you can probably figure out how to read the grid coordinates.
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@gregr, I think that pin is just the location of the whole cemetery.

That bust on the neighbouring grave is intriguing! I can't make out the whole name, but maybe it's someone famous.
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Best answer: It's Édouard Colonne!!! And his grave is indeed in division 89. So find that, and it's right next door.
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Yeah, @confluency is right, this is in Division 89, about 8 graves to the East of Oscar Wilde. You can see the base of the shrouded figures in this Wikimedia Commons image:,_division_89%29#/media/File:Tombe_de_Edouard_Colonne_(division_89).JPG
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Response by poster: Cool, looks like Oscar Wilde is in 89. So I've been right nearby on previous trips.
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Here's more information on a page about the cemetery, which includes a link to this map of the division. This grave is very close to the bottom-right corner.
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I don't want to threadsit, but I fell down a fascinating rabbithole when I came back to this to check if there are actually any better photos of the Steeg grave (yes, and from this one it's pretty clear that the top two names are Colette's and Michel's), and found this photo, which suggests that this monument is the Steeg grave, not just next to it.

Then, when searching for the surname together with Type O Negative (to see if anyone had identified this grave before) I found out that there's an alternative band called The Legendary Pink Dots, which has a member called Raymond Steeg -- that's either an amazing coincidence, or a pseudonym which is an extremely deep cut (most likely), or this dude is a vampire.

Annnnnnd now I'm really done!
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