I sailed my ship of safety til I sank it
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The confluence of circumstance, inertia, and an unexpected hearing of that certain Indigo Girls song led me to wonder about other such songs, poem, stories (incl. your stories). Interested to hear or read of other reflections on recovering from having become lost or diminished or paralyzed in a fear that we'd thought was serving us, but ends up being much more of a detriment & brings us to rob ourselves of possibilities. Would love to hear whatever you've got, no matter what or how small. It's only life, afterall.
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Maybe they're always boat metaphors.

I Built a Boat by Laura Smith

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Landslide by Fleetwood Mac
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Yeah maybe. See also: "George Gray" from Edgar Lee Masters' Spoon River Anthology. I've always wondered if the Indigo Girls line was a nod to it, actually.
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Momentum from Aimee Mann i more about still being trapped in that fear, but I think with a self awareness that implies the narrator is ready to move on:
But I can't confront the doubts I have
I can't admit that maybe the past was bad
And so, for the sake of momentum,
I'm condemning the future to death
So it can match the past

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Float by Janelle Monae has something of this:
I used to walk into the room head down
I don't walk, now I float
I used to let n****s get to me,
I used to be my own enemy
Now I done had several epiphanies
over some breakfast at Tiffany's
Had to forgive all my frenemies,
they are not who they pretend to be
I had to protect all my energy,
I'm feelin' much lighter, now I
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One song that comes to mind is the one my daughter and I always refer to as "the happy song" because it's such a mood lifter, beat and vibe-wise: "Helena Beat" by Foster the People.

I appreciate it all the more thanks to the lyrics; here's a verse:

You know those days when you wanna just choose
To not get out of bed, you're lost in your head again
You play the game, but you kind of cut
'Cause you're coming down hard, your joints are all stuck
I've tried to say that it's not the only way
I never knew if I could face myself to change
You were pacing, I was insecure
Slip and fall, I'm dodging calls, hug the prison I've been living in

Description says this: This song is Foster’s rebellion against his own self-destructive behavior. He both renounces and praises his self-destructive traits, while also talking about his will to survive and his combat against the same issues. This song deals with his lethargy, cutting, abuse, drug problems, mental instability, and mood problems.
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Oh one more favorite: "Face Down in the Moment" by Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats.

You keep waiting on the night
You keep waiting on your pain
And every moment that you wait now
Is a moment slipped away
I think you're gonna have to come out and face
All the fear you can't explain
And all your life, you've been face down
Now it's time for you to see
All your life, you've been face down
Now it's time for you to see
All your life, you've been face down
Now it's time for you to see
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This one has a bit of a back story, but it honestly hits as hard as Closer to Fine for me.

One of BTS's rappers, SUGA, also releases music under the name Agust D. With BTS, he wrote and performed a song called "Nevermind" where he talks about all the hard work that's gone into his success and how he copes.
Never mind, it's not easy but engrave it on your chest.
If you feel like you're going to crash then go faster, you idiot.
Come on, Never mind, never mind.
No mater how thorny the road is, run.

With his most recent solo album, he wrote and performed the song, Snooze. It's very much a coda to Nevermind and he even said in multiple interviews that he wrote it to support younger artists so they wouldn't have to suffer the way he did.
For me, it's a solid reminder that the work you do to get successful doesn't have to be the way you live your life once you get that success. If you keep pushing and hustling like you're twenty and unknown, you'll exhaust yourself and never get to enjoy the fruits of all your labor.

Behind you, growing a dream while watching me,
I’ll always be standing, so don’t worry too much
If you’re afraid of falling, I’ll gladly catch you
So don’t suffer like I did

You, surviving on snoozes to get closer to your dream, it’s okay to rest
Today at least, don’t even dream
When you silently show me a faint smile,
only then I feel a little relieved

It comforts me a ton and I hope it does others as well.
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Frou Frou, Let Go:

So let go, yeah, let go, just get in
Oh, it's so amazing here, it's alright
'Cause there's beauty in the breakdown
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Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel
After All by Dar Williams
Dog Days are Over by Florence + The Machine
Evermore by Taylor Swift and Bon Iver
Bejeweled by Taylor Swift solo
Pyrite Pedestal by Pretty Girls Make Graves
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