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I'm still playing Real Estate Scavenger Hunt, and have come across yet another item (or, in this case, multiple items) I haven't a clue what they are. Can you help? The image is here.
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I think you missed the image link :)
posted by cozenedindigo at 5:27 PM on June 9

Response by poster: Thanks for the heads-up. Here is the image.
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Best answer: Is it the frisbees on the wall? I think this person is REALLY into disk golf or ultimate Frisbee. If it's the US Marine Corp things, no clue.
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I also think that it's disc golf frisbees on the walls. Also no idea about the Marine Corp things.
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The black boxes are labeled "DiscBox" so presumably they are also full of frisbees (each one holds up to 30 disc golf discs!). I hope someone knows what the locker/fridge/whatever Marine Corps things are.
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Best answer: (Judging by the size of the DiscBoxes, the bases of the big Marine Corps locker things seem to be about two feet square.)
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Guy has a lot of discs.

The white one looks like it has a handle, so they must open from the top. Perhaps ammo boxes for larger shells? Or very small freezers?
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Best answer: I know nothing about frisbee golf, but apparently portable frisbee golf baskets are a thing. They're pretty large, about the size of those cabinets. Just a thought.
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Response by poster: The items I was wondering about were the freezer-looking things on the right but, given the frisbees on the wall and even more frisbees apparently stored on the bottom shelf of the freezer platforms, it looks like Woodroar may be onto something.

Lord, that's a lot of frisbees!
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Intriguingly, if you look from this angle you can see they're quite shallow. I don't see how they can be disc golf baskets -- the baskets aren't shaped anything like that.
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One has a circle near the bottom just like this freezer, which I think is a lock.
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