What's a good, ideally free replacement for Photoshop Mix
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I used to use Photoshop Mix for iphone for very basic things, erasing background on one photo and plonking it into another photo for comic effect. It has vanished in a puff of capitalism. Is there a good substitute for this kind of thing?
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i use Canva for this
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Best answer: FWIW the built-in Photos app in iOS can do a lot of this now.

If you press and hold on a face/object/animal/something in a photo, iOS will generally have a pretty good go at figuring out what it is you're pointing at. It'll show a shiny effect over what it thinks you're trying to select, and pop up a menu with "Copy" and "Add Sticker". If you use "Copy", you can then paste the object anywhere that will let you paste, but to add it to another picture without needing to use another app, use "Add Sticker". This will add it to the tray of stickers that you can use across iOS (for Messages and so forth).

You can then place any stickers you've previously made onto other photos: pick another photo in Photos, go to "Edit" and then tap the Mark Down button (pencil in a circle at the top-right, underneath "Done") . You can add stickers (using the + menu at the bottom-right).
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I could be wrong, but I think Adobe Express is the new version of this, but with more features, like video editing, too. They have a free trial so you can see if it works for you.

Another possible option without a subscription, is Photoshop Elements. I've only used it as a desktop application, but their table says they have a web and mobile companion app in beta. Elements also has a free trial.
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