I've got a baby bunny stuck under the sink in my kitchen. What do I do?
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I know this sounds insane, but a baby bunny got into my house and has fled underneath my kitchen sink via a gap in the baseboard. The empty space behind the baseboard runs the length of the entire side of the kitchen. I'd like to get the bunny out without hurting it or destroying my kitchen cabinets and sink.
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I think you put food and water at the exit, go away, setting up some sort of viewing system (mirror? baby monitor) and wait. Unless you think the baby bunny is still just nursing then I don't know.
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You could try:

- Create (a) small dark box(es) that the bunny will find extremely attractive and safe, and that you'd _want_ the bunny to hide (a portable box, for example, that you could carry outside). The box should be relatively low, deep front to back, maybe with a flap/divider inside so that the bunny will be invisible from the entry hole after he goes inside. I recommend lining it with enough grass and/or soft papers and/or whatever you have that won't harm the bunny that bunny can burrow. Might as well put some food in there too - straw or fairly mature / dryish grass may be best - you might want to check.

- Make these very accessible to the bunny should he leave the undersink area, and put one or two into "herdable" locations. You want to be able to control the direction the bunny runs, if he runs (likely), enough that you can be sure one of your boxes is where he'll go. Usually, what works is placing the box alongside a long wall, with enough other items on top and beside the box that a) it looks like the entry into a big thicket of furniture or blankets -- very safe -- and b) if the bunny runs generally in that direction, the box is the only logical place for him to go.

- Bunnies can be unpredictable, so if you can prepare several box - herding locations, awesome.

- While you are waiting for bunny exploration time, find and call a local animal rescuer. They'll probably tell you just to put the bunny back outside -- if it's come inside without it's mother, it might not still be nursing -- but it's probably a good idea to think a bit about exactly how old/big the bunny looks before you call.
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We got through a similar situation with a chipmunk by purchasing a Havahart trap at Ace Hardware. All 3 of our cats completely failed at dealing with the chipmunk, including the one who went under the cabinets and behind the stove after it, but the chipmunk gladly went into the trap we bought and baited with peanut butter.
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Aren't your kickboards on clips and can be pulled off and reset without breaking anything?
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Well? Hope it all resolved happily!
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