Traveling with dog through Denver, looking for non-astroturf potty area
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Are there any patches of grass or dirt immediately outside of the Denver arrival/departure terminals to take my dog potty?

Hoping to get my dog outside to go potty during a 2 hour layover at Denver Airport. I know there are some pet relief areas inside the airport but my dog refuses to go indoors or on fake grass. Does anyone know if there are any patches of dirt, rocks, mulched areas in the immediate vicinity of the airport? Thanks!
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There’s definitely grass/dirt patches around both the east and west parking garages? But your layover is really short for Denver, and you’d have to go through security again…
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According to this page, there is an outdoor area that presumably has real grass, but you'd have to go back through security. I can also confirm that there are grass areas outside of the parking garage north of the terminal, per heurtebise's comment. That page also notes a number of locations that are outdoors, inside of security, but they all seem to have fake grass.
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Just in case you don't already know, going through security with your (non-service) dog can be something of an ordeal--you have to take them out of the carrier and carry (maybe walk, if they can comply) them through, get your hands swiped for explosives (if you don't have a trusted-traveler designation), and then try to get them back in the carrier while all collect their screened luggage around you and the bins pile up. Sometimes TSA is sympathetic, sometimes it's not.

This is a compelling reason to avoid having to re-clear security, especially on a two-hour connection. Most dogs go on poop strike during flights, anyway.
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The link above is good info.

If you aren't already familiar with it, Denver Airport has a main terminal (Jeppeson, where security is) and a train that goes between the other terminals. As far as I'm aware, you don't have access to the outside from your A B or C terminal. You take the train, exit Jeppeson terminal, find your grass, then go back thru security and back on the train to your terminal. Doable with hustle but sounds very stressful especially if there's an arrival delay or a train delay, which happens with some regularity.

I hope there's a dog travel person who has a better answer!
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