Out of Whack with HAVC
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Planning a significant Reno to my small home (less that 2000 sq ft). Spiraling in Heat Pump world on YouTube. Inverters, SEER, 2 phase, COP's, back up furnace. Need a professional consult. Reccos for an heat pump/HVAC expert on eastern Long Island, NY?

Prolly going full electric (no gas on block). Daiken Fit DX17VSS and Bosch 15 have bubbled to the top of my list – but just going from a few YT reviews (HVAC dope show and the Build show mainly). Looking for an experienced Heat pump//HVAC expert on eastern Long Island, NY that preferably is neutral, ie, not locked-in to repping a specific brand.
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We refit a 99yo free standing home in Queens. We were mostly happy with Godfreys who may service Eastern Long Island - we used a Mitsubishi split system and cold-weather spec heat pump.

The main complaints I have are that centralizing control of the various mini split panels costs an additional four figures and that some thermostats are clearly in need of a baseline adjustment (those near a hot roof always read too warm). But they've been responsive to warranty repair (a line leaking), so that's a plus.

The main other concern that we only identified after passive-house sealing everything and going ductless is... Indoor air gets stale and carbon dioxide buildup is actually an issue when we don't open windows etc during very hot or cold weather (or wildfire smoke, etc).

So now I'm shopping for an Energy Recovery Ventilator (also called Heat Recovery Ventilator). This certainly would have been easier to install at renovation time if your home has a similar ductless character.

Feel free to memail for more details.
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