Podcasts about crime/murders that you get a chance to solve
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This is for a group activity of people gathered together who will listen to the podcast for around an hour or an hour and half, and then pause the podcast to talk about it. Looking for recent, well-done podcasts that tell a story in an engaging way about crime or murder - presenting evidence and suspects, and encourage the participants to figure out the perpetrator and how they did it, revealing it all at the end with an obvious point to pause the podcast and have a real life group discussion before the big reveal. I prefer less gore/sexual assault/children involved it possible and it can be true crime (although preferred) or fictional. Canada content would be a bonus.
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I feel strongly that the best possible podcast for this (or ever made, really) is Who Shat on the Floor at my Wedding. It has it all: a true story, character development of suspects, and riveting investigative journalism. Plus it's hilarious.
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