Baby gift ideas needed
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A coworker is expecting her second baby this summer. My usual go-to gift is a tote bag full of board books, but she's a librarian and they have tons of books. What can I get her that she probably won't already have and that will be fun and unique? $30-40 range. Ideas?
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Library-themed or literary character-themed burp cloths and/or blankets? Maybe focus on themes and characters new since her last child. Even if she has others, new clean and current items are generally always appreciated. Etsy or RedBubble should be able to source these once you decide on a theme.
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Baby trophy from Trophy Depot. (Searching "baby" is not enough; you have to pick a style, click through to customize, and pick "babies" under figurine. The process is long but kind of fun.) I have given a baby trophy on multiple occasions, and it's always a big hit. I usually get it engraved with
Such-and-such Name
Outstanding Baby
or whatever. Fun, silly, unusual.
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Baby mobile to hang over crib? White noise machine?
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My go to gift is a set of solid color bodysuits in 9-12 months or 12-18 months. I like these because they are flexible and easy to give away later on. Something like this or this.

Or a gift card to Target with a token little gift on top like those rattles you put on their feet that entertain them while they lay down.
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Some cute hand puppets? Not so useful at birth, but they're great for story telling, pretending and something that can be played with later.
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For a second baby? Give something that’s focused on mom/the parents. A gift card for a nail salon, or a movie theater (with a promise to babysit!). They likely have everything they need/want, and don’t need more stuff.
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A truly adorable, or fashionable, or vintage 18 months or older outfit or shirt. I'm a thrifty parent and would love to receive something really cool / unexpected instead of generic dinosaur T-shirt #3.

Or diapers, if they're using disposable.
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You know what is expensive and yet no one thinks of it? Professional pictures. Once New Baby is a little older, they might like a sitting with a local photographer to capture their family.

...but that doesn't fit your budget. Still, you could get them a certificate that would cover part of the cost, maybe with a nice frame to use.

Otherwise, I would say the stuff that wears out is cloth diapers (or disposable), bottle nipples, binkies, and crib sheets. Also: those Snot Sucker doohickeys.

If the mother hasn't told you what she needs, I would either go for a gift card to Target or similar or take that route.
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I like to get new babies either a grooming gift- so new nail clippers, brush, comb, hooded bath towel and some nice baby soap. Or I get a baby food gift, a bowl, cup, plate, and utensils, and bib. I think either of these things are nice for a second baby. For the food gift you could get practical, or you could get a ceramic set that is more of a keepsake.
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If the parents to be are leftists, onesies from AK Press.
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Maybe a onesie and/or some rattle socks from Out of Print?
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I often get expectant parents a Sophie as it is an expense that many would not incur themselves for something that seems very silly. Teething babies love Sophie! You do have to be careful cleaning it however (and I always mention that.) No full immersion, otherwise it can get moldy.
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