Quiet indy songwriter name
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Trying to remember the name of a singer-songwriter I heard on All Songs Considered, maybe in 2022 or 2023?

They (maybe she?) was young and had a very quiet singing voice, short blondish (?) hair, white-appearing. I remember there was an initial single or EP and I was waiting for the album and then forgot about it and now can't find it. There was a music video that involved a carousel. I seem to remember that the person's father either co-wrote the song with them or at least the father was for some reason mentioned on All Songs Considered. Any guesses?
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https://www.npr.org/sections/allsongs/ has summaries (and 1 picture) for each episode, and you can "load more stories" back to 2022 at least.... If nobody does the MeFi thing where they pull it out of your brain by remote control, that might be an option for scratching your own brain itch.
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Could it perhaps be Phoebe Bridgers?
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I was similarly thinking of Julien Baker (who is in the group boygenius with Bridgers but also does solo stuff…)
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Response by poster: Thanks but no this person is not as well known as them, no hits that I know of.

I posted this after combing through the All Songs archive...
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Best answer: Could it be Deer Scout? this summary from 2022 mentions that her album was written by her father and his band. (The same episode also talks about the Australian band Gang of Youth’s album being about the singer’s father).
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Response by poster: Yes Deer Scout!! The song i remembered was Peace With the Damage.

Thank you!
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