Best Menstrual Disc for PIV
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Based on your experience, what's the best menstrual disc to use during PIV?

I used to use Instead like 20 years ago and it worked super well for this purpose, but I don't think they're made anymore. Thanks!
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There are a bunch of similar silicone ones now. I have one called, I think, Moonthlies (not the best branding) that came in a package of two, one smaller and one larger. I only wear them on fairly low-flow days or when I'll be at home, since they can sometimes dislodge if you laugh too hard, sneeze, or fart (and unlike the diva cup, there's nothing gradual about it — once the seal breaks, it dumps everything into your underwear), but all the discs are like that for me. Anyway, it works great for PIV, and I found having two different sizes to be really helpful when I was first trying them out since the fit I assumed would work best for me wasn't the one I've ended up using regularly.
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I used to use the Instead discs (now rebranded as Softdisc), but now I use this reusable one. I find it superior for comfort during sex, because the rim is soft silicone, not rigid plastic. The only caveat is that it's probably not compatible with silicone-based lubes, if that's something you use.
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I’ve been happy both with Softdisc (disposable) and Saalt (silicone, reusable). My partner says he can’t tell the difference.
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Flex disc works great for this. But some leakage if you try a lot of positions and it's a heavy day.
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