What email clients or CRMs offer segmented unsubscribing?
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My nonprofit has several different programs that our members might participate in - a lecture series, outings, wildlife monitoring, policy advocacy etc. We currently send emails through our Network For Good CRM, which has a single unsubscribe option. So there is no way for members to unsubscribe from emails about a program that they're uninterested. They either are subscribed to everything or unsubscribed from everything. What email clients or CRMs would allow them to just stay subscribed to the topics they want?
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CiviCRM definitely allows for this, but I suspect most CRMs do as well since it is such a basic need. Seems surprising that any CRM wouldn't offer this.
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Are you on the latest version? Seems Network for Good is now called Bonterra, and they seem to have the ability to customize messages depending on what the members may be interested in. However, the website is pretty much full of sales pitches. I'd call them back and ask for support as an existing user.
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