Software to figure out a viable schedule?
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I'm organizing a thing. I have a list of workshop sessions with planned durations and people who need to participate in them. The list of participants is different for every session. I'm sure there is an app out there which will take this data and spit out a viable schedule, so that people are not scheduled for 3 different sessions at the same time - please help me find it!
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You can use AI for this. I tried this prompt in and it built a schedule:

I'm organizing an event with three sessions and sessions will happen simultaneously. I need you to build a schedule based on a list of sessions and participants so each participant is only at one session at each time. Here are the times: Monday 9am, Monday 12pm, Tuesday 9am. Here are the sessions and participants for each: Session 1: Sarah, Joe. Session 2: Sarah, Frank. Session 3: Joe, Carrie. Session 4: Carrie, Frank. Session 5: Frank
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