Patch-lovers, patch-lovers, find me a patch!
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Looking for your fave places for embroidered patches, AskMe!

I've become obsessed with sewing patches onto my jean jacket and another lightweight jacket (thx, ADHD!).

Patch subject matter: Tarot, cats, Mothman, goth/punk, LGTBQ+, just plain weird.

For'ex, I have a couple of patches by this Toronto illustrator to give you an idea of my preferred vibe.
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I put them on my travel vanity bag
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Response by poster: Oh! I meant your favourite online shops for purchasing patches!
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Best answer: Strange Ways
Buy Olympia

Both list the maker of each product they sell, so if something catches your eye you can look it up to see if there's more from that artist elsewhere.
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Best answer: Querkus Creative
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Best answer: Maybe you would like some of the patches sold by Pinecone & Chickadee? Skews a little more cute and/or silly but still weird and sometimes goth/punk and they have cats. A lot of their patches are from Quiet Tide Goods. (There's a Maine theme because they're both Maine-based businesses.)
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Best answer: Stasia Burrington has some cat patches that might appeal to you.
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Best answer: Stay Home Club
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Best answer: Seconding the Stay Home Club, and adding Inner Decay.
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I like old tourist ones like this seller's ones, and Guiding ones like these. They have the advantage that they don't have the iron-on backing, which in my experience doesn't work and also makes it hard to get a needle through to sew it on. I've also bought patches from Etsy sellers - most don't seem to be active now, but this one has a few.
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Best answer: I've got a few Etsy sellers with neat patches hanging out in my favorites. I haven't ordered from them, so can't specifically vouch for the quality, but I like the designs:
- OhMyCrown mostly nature-themed with an almost watercolor look
- homework party neat gemstones, plus random pop culture/geek stuff
- BelsArt mostly more cute than goth/punk but definitely some weird ones
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Best answer: I was going to suggest Inner Decay, but I see PussKillian already did.
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Best answer: Cat Magic Punks
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Best answer: World Famous Original!
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