Cut and paste Scrivener help, please
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I am new to Scrivener, and am trying to compose in it as I normally do in any Word or Office Libre document. That is, I cut a phrase/sentence and expect to paste it into another place by right-clicking. This isn't happening. The cut phrase seems to be entirely lost. What am I doing wrong, and how do I make it right?
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I just tried this in Scrivener (on a Mac). Right-clicking selected text brings up a context menu that includes Cut. Right-clicking at the destination brings up another menu with Paste. (I also did the same just using shortcut keys.) Are you not seeing the context menu appear when you right-click?
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On windows in scrinver I generally use ctrl+shift+v to paste cut phrases. The shift is because occasionally it importants some to irksome formatting stuff so I just do it that way unless I need to just use the other way. I'm taking text from Google docs and moving it over which might be why. Ctrl v works just fine for most use cases.
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(Windows) I tried both CTL-X/CTL-V and using the context menus and had no issues, with everything working as SprintF describes on their Mac.
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Response by poster: It seems to have been just a glitch. Everything works correctly now.
Thanks all
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