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I want to put beads on a badge reel and the badge reel on a lanyard. Where can I find the blank that I need?

I can find lots of beadable badge reels on Amazon or Temu or Etsy but they all have belt clips. I can also find lots of badge reels that clip to lanyards.

But can I find a beadable badge reel with a clip or closed loop at the top to attach a lanyard? I cannot.

Can you?
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On edit: Ugh, nevermind the below - I just realized you mean the straight part to simply slide beads on - not attaching beads on the surface flat part! I'll look some more.
On Temu, they have both blank and beaded badge reels in both styles, including beaded ones that look almost exactly like the ones you linked that clip to lanyards. (The first beaded ones I see are silver, not black, but other than that...)

Is there some reason that style won't work for you to bead? (I mean, just because it doesn't SAY beadable, doesn't mean you can't attach them to it anyway...)
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OK. So I'm not finding anything, but I do have a suggestion of how I might make it work if that's the style you're seeking. It appears to be possible - since the connectors all appear to be either split rings or jump rings - to combine the two styles. Bead bars are also sold separately, but I'm having trouble finding any sold alone that have rings on both ends.

These do have rings at both ends: carabiners with bead bars and could be easily taken apart to add to one with a reel.
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Response by poster: I can't see the specific item you linked to -- it just shows me that the item was discontinued, but all the similar items seem to only have a connector at one end of the beadable bar. That's fine for a keychain but for a lanyard / badge reel, I need connectors at both ends -- one to join with the badge reel, one to join with the badge itself.
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What about using bead bars with a keyring on each end, paired with your "badge reels that clip to lanyards" link?
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Amazon has these with a loop at the top and ID/keychain loop at bottom. I would glue my beadwork on top of the badge reel.
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Response by poster: To clarify, I'm looking for something that will allow me to slip largish glass beads onto a rod, not something where I can decorate the badge reel itself. The right side of this image is an example of one I jury-rigged together using wire wrapping techniques and a lanyard badge reel.

The problem with doing this with wire is that a) I am not that good at wire-wrapping neatly, as you can see and b) the wire bends and stays bent, and even though I can straighten it, long term, I think the constant bending will eventually break it -- it is quite common to deliberately break this kind of wire by bending it back and forth a few times, and while the bends would be less severe when it wasn't deliberate, eventually the metal will work harden until it is too brittle and snap.

I could use multi-strand bead stringing wire that would be less likely to break itself, but I don't feel like the typical techniques for that kind of wire -- crimp beads, etc -- would hold up to being yarded on every time I use the badge reel.

I ordered some of the bead bars that xedrik suggested. I don't think the heads will go through my glass beads, but it'll be touch and go either way, and they were cheap enough to make it worth trying.

I feel like the thing stormyteal linked to might have been a good fit, but Temu just tells me it is sold out and won't even let me see it and I can't find anything similar anywhere else. My ideal scenario would be something like these plain, metallic beadable keychain bars except with jump rings / loops on both ends.
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