Can I eat it? Instant Pot
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Last night around 7:30 PM I put some chickpeas in my Instant pot for 25 minutes. They probably finished cooking around 8:15. I forgot about them until this morning. I took them out at 8:30 and the liquid was still warm. I understand that the IP will keep food at a safe temperature for up to 10 hours, which means that presumably, they were at an appropriate temp from 8:15 PM to 6:15 AM and slowly cooled from 6:15 AM to 8:30 AM. Are they safe to eat?
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If there was no chicken broth involved, I think you’re fiiiiine.
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I would eat it.
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While an instant pot doesn't hermetically seal things, my belief is that it's closed enough that heat-sterilized food with the lid on is very likely to stay uncontaminated for quite a while.
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You are fine. The food is fine.
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Don't worry at all.
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This is a lottery where the grand prize is "I didn't need to buy $1 of new chickpeas" and the booby prize is the dreaded
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If you're really worried, just heat them up again to over 160 degrees for a few minutes and anything that has grown will be killed. You won't have botulism in there because of how it was cooked, so you'll probably be fine even without heating.
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In the time you have spent trying to figure it out, you could have thrown away the Schroedinger's chickpeas and made yourself a new batch that you know for sure are fine. Or spent $1 on a tin of already-cooked chickpeas. I mean, I get not wanting to waste food but why risk it when the effort/cost to remove all doubt is so low?
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There's no risk to this if all you had in the pot was chickpeas and salt. The chickpeas were superheated and left in a sealed container. I'd eat them without any concern whatsoever (and have done so many, many times).

Bonus: When you leave them to cool naturally for a long time, they get nice and creamy texture inside. Enjoy!
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You're safe. I've eaten far worse and come out the other side with no ill effects.
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Two hours at a countertop temperature is the conservative judgment for a safe duration of foods being kept at that temperature. You know very well that's a "cover your butts" figure from the authorities, so the fact that you went slightly beyond that, maybe (and that's if the 10 hour figure was absolute and not also conservatively stated... so maybe they were held at a safe temperature for a bit longer)... you are within a range of confidence here.

I honestly at first thought you were asking because they were left on the counter, at room temperature, overnight.

As someone else mentioned, the use of chicken broth or some other form of stock would change the equation a bit, mostly in the direction of judging the safety of the stock in these conditions rather than the chickpeas. The chickpeas themselves would not rot from being on the counter for two hours.

I think everyone's a little too on-guard about vegetables and grains when it comes to this stuff. Meat and dairy have much more serious issues with spoilage, but guidelines for preparing and storing meats do not extend to everything (not even all forms of dairy, really. Ex: hard cheeses). And do try to remember that there was a panic about "fried rice syndrome" that suggested rice was toxic unless handled in an extremely careful way, and the panic was seeded by a few anecdotes of utterly egregious food storage cases (fast-food fried rice left unrefrigerated for weeks and then consumed). Basically anything can kill you if you read the wrong stories about it. Haven't heard stories about chickpeas like that, so...
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