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soundeffectfilter: Looking for the sound effect that is used when a bad joke falls flat.

This sound effect was used, most recently on Shooting Stars(UK TV show).

What usually happened was the host, Vic, would deliver a joke with a bad punchline and, of course, no-one laughs.
You then hear the sound of a lonley church bell and the wind blowing.

I am looking for this as a wav sound effect but can't seem to find it any where on t'internet.

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Just buy a 'spooky wind' ambient sound effect and church bell from a sound effects site and combine the two, it'll work fine.
posted by malevolent at 2:14 AM on May 11, 2006

Is that the UK version of crickets chirping?
posted by qwip at 2:19 AM on May 11, 2006

Would the Nelson Muntz variant be of any use?
posted by rob511 at 4:23 AM on May 11, 2006

Try Freesound. You can proabaly find some kind of clunk or drum thing in herre. You can put stuff together too.

Free is good. :)
posted by bim at 5:28 AM on May 11, 2006

the opie&anthony pogram on xm satellite radio uses a few different sound effects when jokes bomb... a car crash sound effect and crickets 'chirping' are the ones they use most often.

posted by hummercash at 10:44 AM on May 11, 2006

One of the early Black Sabbath albums opens with exactly this sound. Seriously.
posted by ZenMasterThis at 1:06 PM on May 11, 2006

I just looked it up. The album AND the song are called "Black Sabbath."
posted by ZenMasterThis at 1:08 PM on May 11, 2006

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