How to reduce a sweaty butt?
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How do I reduce the sweat in my butt?

This is an extremely embarassing question. Everytime I get nervous (whether it be public speaking, standing on stage, etc.) I sweat profusely from my butt crack (I don't know any other way to say this). The sweat creates a stain which is even more embarrasing. How do I reduce or eliminate this sweaty problem?
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How about wearing antiperspirant on the afflicted area? Or wearing a maxi pad or an adult diaper when you know you're going to be on stage? I know these seem like embarassing solutions, but perhaps if you had a safeguard in place you would be less worried about sweating and therefore sweat less.
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I have the perfect thing-- corn starch. Keeps you cool and breezy. A friend of mine who is a line cook says that he and everyone at work who has to spend time with their back to the oven pat cornstarch onto the, uh, area and they all stay nice and dry that way. Baby powder does the same thing, but then you smell like baby.
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You could alway see if Anti Monkey Butt Powder really works.

Or maybe try some advice from The Poop Report?
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I'll tell you the secret to no butt sweat if you post a follow up to your first question.
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A thing to consider, if sweating excessively is a common occurrence for you is that you might be dealing with hyperhydrosis which has been linked to a number of common conditions, including thyroid problems.
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Gold Bond powder. Lots of my athlete friends swear by it to reduce sweat, itching, and probably worst of all, chafing.
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This may sound nuts, but I personally know several people (I live in Korea) who have had accupuncture to treat excessive localized sweating, with (they claim) great success in all cases.
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I'll second baby powder. And this might sound like a wisecrack but I'm serious: if you're hairy back there perhaps your mate (assuming you have one who can be talked into it) can give you a summer trim. I hear it makes a difference.
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You might find that (crap, okay, I found that) the butt sweating is more likely/profuse in the hour or two before a bowel movement and less so shortly after. It's not exactly a solution, but there may be times when you can arrange your schedule accordingly.
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I think putting something organic like cornstarch could lead to problems of a different variety. Stay with talcum or baby powder at the very least.
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You should look at the many threads that have come up in askMe about hyperhydrosis (sometimes spelled hiperhydrosis for reasons that elude me) and excessive sweating. Even if they don't help find a solution maybe they'll at least make you feel a little better than you're not the only one dealing with this.

As I've said in other messages, I'm a sweaty bastard m'self and while I don't know that my buttcrack itself sweats there have been days when the umm... runoff has become embarassing in the same way you describe. My solution has been twofold.

One, dark pants more often than not. Tan makes it very noticable.
Two, I fold up a bunch of toilet paper into a square shape and tuck it in my underwear right at the top of my asscrack.

Christ, I just admitted this in a public forum. I better get karma points for this.

Depending on where your issue is you might need different placement. Personally I'm happier wearing more dark colors than making myself an impromptu diaper. I'd also avoid the cornstarch and powders m'self based on the quantity I sometimes sweat - it would be more of a mud-production method than a prevention system for me.

As far as stavros' acupuncture suggestion I think that might not be a bad idea. They cut a nerve to attempt to deal with extreme hand and foot hyperhydrosis, stimulating others could very well prove successful.
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I think your best bet to drain the swamp is this:

-If you have a patch of hair in your lower back, shave that off with clippers preferably.
-Work the gold bond. That stuff is great.
-Dark pants. That is an excellent suggestion.
-Relax. This is a suggestion for the long term and its not going to help in your immediate situation. It sounds like you're having problems with public situations and you'll want to get over this for the long term benefits that you can reap. Some people have suggested toastmasters in the past.

-Manpons/adult diapers. The area you are concerned with is the lower back irrigating into your area. These are going to do little to prevent that and worse case, if they are detected, you're going to be even worse off. Adult diapers aren't subtle and manpons will shift/fall out. I suspect that at the event that you're attending this would rate 'not acceptable'.
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I believe Botox is approved to stop excessive sweating. You might speak to a dermatologist to see if it would be right for your situation.
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Corn Starch based powders are the way to go. Do not use a power made from talc.

One of my favorites for feeling cool and dry in the heat is Burt's Bees Dusting Powder
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MasonDixon: Do not use a power made from talc.

Why not?
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Gold Bond. Good for all your sweating needs.
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