Tips & Recommendation for an Aspiring Leather Crafter?
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I have recently developed an interest in getting into leather crafting. I don't think I'll ever want to become an actual cobbler, but I would like to make some smaller, simpler things, such as leather cuffs, notebook folders, belts, tote bags. What tips and recommendations do you have for an aspiring leather crafter? What books should I read, what websites should I visit, what online and Toronto-area suppliers should I check out, and what supplies and tools will I want to acquire first?
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The Leathercraft Book by Pat Hills. Available on Amazon. Great beginner book. What tools you need...Covers basic instructions...with drawings. And 40 projects to pursue.
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Leather and Sewing Supply Depot, on Spadina between Queen and Dundas, has leather and all the supplies you might need. The staff there are great - if you tell them what you want to do, they'll help you figure out what you need.
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