Games like Nine Arches (but different)? Other suggestions?
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I am looking for non-screen activities to do with a parent and a 12 year old kid.

I saw a game Nine Arches at the bookstore that seemed perfect... until it didn't. I tried to research it and as far as I can tell, game play is drawing vague cards (it talks about being tarot like) you look up in a concordance, contemplate, and then come up with a real-world action you want to do that reflects, metaphorically, the card(s) you drew.

There's no way we have time for all that.

(j/k of course we have time for that -- but it really wouldn't be fun for this group)

Is there something *similar* that comes to mind? A game that takes place "in the real world" but is 10,000x more concrete? For example, it would be awesome to be assigned the task of "try a kind of food you have never eaten before." Or "get or make a snack for the person on your left." Or do some other random thing that a 12 year old kid can accomplish in a normalish house, or just outside the house, and/or with a very minor family trip.

Any unrelated drive-by ideas for active bonding and experiences you want to toss into the mix are welcome too.
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Maybe something like the Hero's Journal SideQuest decks? I haven't bought them but I see them advertised and think they're pretty neat.

I like volunteering with my kids, especially when we can do it for a long enough period of time to establish some sort of relationship with others in the group. We volunteer for the local animal shelter and the Society of St Andrew.
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You're literally asking for tasks, so you definitely want "Taskmaster". You can get inspired by the TV show, but they also sell a boardgame.
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Are you already aware of geocaching? Because it ticks a lot of your boxes. All you need is a smartphone (or a GPS unit, if you want to avoid distracting screens). Unless you live in a very rural area, there are likely multiple geocaches within a short distance of your home.
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If you search “52 activities” on Amazon etc you will get lots of decks that work well for just random shuffle and pick or trading. I used two by Usbourne to prompt fun activities when my kids were younger.
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