Intelligent (i.e. working) blog advertisements?
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I'm looking for a intelligent (i.e. successful) way to advertise a new blog about baseball. We just started up and I want to increase readership but want to avoid scammy blog ad techniques that don't work.
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One place to start is right here on MetaFilter Projects.
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Drop a line to David Pinto at Baseball Musings. He's very widely read, and very generous at mentioning new baseball bloggers. Also try e-mailing the other bloggers whose stuff you read, just to offer them an FYI. Good luck!
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Print a faux-baseball card featuring the blog and it's statistics, and leave them at various baseball hotspots. Make it look nice and put some in plastic protectors :)
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Have you emailed people who write other baseball blogs? Commenting on other baseball blogs is also a good strategy (assuming you have something to contribute). WFY (who I know) writes about the Washington Nationals and likely would mention your blog if it's remotely of interest to him from that standpoint.

As far as paying for things I've seen a number of claims from bloggers that buying google ads or blogads to run on other blogs is a successful technique for ad click generation and it's a reasonable argument I think - the kind of people who will click blog ads to come to you are maybe predisposed to click blogads on your site...
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If you're good you'll be linked by other established, respected sports blogs. Good luck, the competition is pretty fierce.
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First: Just start blogging. Start writing the best entries that you can.

Second: Update reasonably frequently, so that people who -do- come to your blog see that you are active.

Third: Once you've found your rhythm and decided that this is something that you're definitely going to stick with, pitch one of your posts to another baseball blogger. This is how I got my political blog linked to from other political bloggers. The approach goes something like this:

"Hey there! I enjoy your blog and I can see that lots of other people do as well. I've got a baseball blog of my own at and I posted something today that you and your readers might find interesting. The direct link to the post is, and I've included the full text of it below for your convenience. I hope you find it worth a link. Thanks for your time!"

People who maintain popular blogs get "post pitches" all the time, so be up-front about what it is you're looking for ( a link ). Be concise, include a link to your blog and to the specific post. When I was blogging, I always included the full text of the post as a courtesy to the person I was pitching.

I found this approach to be well-received, and it got me a fair number of links from bloggers I respect.

Good luck to you!
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