Where to dance in LA?
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Where can a 45 yr old non-dancer take his wife out dancing in LA?

We're not looking for dance lessons, just a nice evening out. We don't know how to salsa, we can't swing, can't even waltz. I thought about crashing a wedding, since that always seems to be the right music (soul, motown, bluesy, oldies), but that's not right for a date. We're not hip enough to make it past any velvet ropes. We do require alcohol. Oh, and 10pm is our bedtime.
God, do I sound lame or what!
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I say give swing dancing a try. Most swing dancing events will have a lesson (often free) beforehand. I haven't gone myself, but I think Lindy Groove on Thursday nights is a big one. More swing dancing events in LA.

Also, consider West Coast Swing. If you're not into trad. swing music, it *should* have the music that you mentioned. Here and here are some WCS events I found.
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Non-seedy gay bar? There are a lot of those places that are regularly crashed by straight couples looking for an unskilled night of dancing. I know little about LA so I can't offer anywhere in particular but a friend seemed to indicate this happens there as well.
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it doesn’t sound quite like what you’re looking for, but dance downtown is a regular (weekly) event at the music center in downtown los angeles, and it includes free dance lessons.
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jimw: Actually, if I skip the lessons, that sounds kinda perfect. Even ends at 10pm!!!
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