Help identify the person of a painting (likely an Irish literary figure)
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Please help identify the subject of this portrait. I’m reasonably sure they’re an Irish literary figure (because it was hanging amongst portraits of several other Irish writers). Here’s the painting.
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It looks a bit like Brendan Kennelly? But I’m not great with faces.
posted by macdara at 3:21 AM on April 6 [1 favorite]

You could ask the artist, Mark Baker, on Twitter or Instagram.

Couldn't immediately find the portrait on his website or social media but maybe someone else can.
posted by Klipspringer at 3:31 AM on April 6 [2 favorites]

Response by poster: Aha why didn’t it occur to me to look up the artist - I’ve tried asking via twitter!
posted by nfg at 3:39 AM on April 6 [2 favorites]

Best answer: John McGahern, I think. In his youth.
posted by Phanx at 4:24 AM on April 6 [3 favorites]

Response by poster: Phanx has it - the artist confirmed it’s the wonderful John McGahern on twitter (with some help from others)!
posted by nfg at 11:04 AM on April 8

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