How to make it possible to match event-organizers with houses for events
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I'm working on a project here in Toronto to encourage people to organize fun, small participatory events. I love the idea of those events happening in peoples' homes. I'm aware of some past projects (like the now defunct-Artery) that matched up performers and organizers with people who wanted to host concerts/events in their homes. I'd love to do something like that. I'm looking for any advice/tips/experiences on how to make that work.

The events I'm hoping to encourage would be things like small discussion groups, workshops, parties, etc. (I'm starting up a system of mentorship, peer support, promotion, and microgrants, to help make them happen). It's in Toronto, which is maybe a bit more high-trust than most American cities, but I expect people would still be worried about strangers in their homes.

I welcome any suggestions on how to make this work. I'm especially interested in past models of folks who have done stuff like this, and, if possible, info on how they did it...
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Best answer: Just making sure you're aware of Groupmuse.
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What do you mean by "in theor homes" becauae I'm in Toronto and if I were hosting some of these events I might do it in my condo party room, seminar room, yoga studio, theatre, yard, or even squash court (they hold parties in there sometimes because high ceilings and very sound proof). I would be far less worried about strangers in those spaces than in my unit. Lots of Torontonians live in condos.
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