Vocal quality is better when weather is cooler
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Why is does my voice sound better and last longer in the cooler Los Angeles weather then the summer?

I use my voice professionally to talk for work. I live in Los Angeles. I have found that during the winter when it’s 60’s and cool my voice is nice and full and resonant. It also stays this way longer no matter how much speaking I do. But as the weather gets warmer my voice gets weaker and slightly higher pitched. Basically I get vocal fry. I drink a ton of water and I do minor vocal exercises daily. Why is my voice better in cooler weather? Is there any way to get my voice to behave the way it does during the cooler weather but in the warm weather? Is it a humidity issue thing? A dry air thing? Something else?
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From a quick search, the evidence seems to be that "better hydration" makes your voice sound better (for example this youtube video and this systemic review scientific paper abstract/introduction) - that hydration here includes drinking fluids but it is also do do with humidity levels.

Nominally cooler weather should means less humidity and thus a worse sounding voice, not better - but its depends what we mean by cool/hot and it also depends on the use of heating or air conditioning. Berklee has some advice for singers which includes paying attention to "preparing your home" - ideally you would be using neither heating or AC (any maybe this is the case when there is cooler weather in LA?) - but in any case if you are using it make sure all the filters a clean.
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Are you doing most of your speaking in places where the AC is on?
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I'd guess it's a reaction to air pollution, which tends (in LA) to be much worse when it's hot. You could start paying attention to a local air quality index and see if it correlates.
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In my experience in California, cooler weather is typically more humid and warmer weather is typically very dry--opposite conditions from most of the continental US.

(Pollution makes sense too.)
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Seconding air pollution. We lived in Fresno for five years, which has an even more exaggerated hot and dry/cool and damp pattern and terrible air quality because of the basin of the SJV. I have voice training in my past and I definitely noticed a sore throat and creaking on worse air days. See if a good-quality air purifier and a humidifier help.
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