What to do in Raleigh NC on a Thursday night?
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My parter and I will be in Raleigh NC next week for a series of dr. appointments (note: CANCER SUCKS) on Thursday and Friday. We'll have mid(ish)-afternoon on Thursday free and I'd like to find something to do other than just going out to dinner to help take his mind off things. Any Raleigh-ite/Mefites here and have any ideas?

Things I've considered (but am having a hard time finding info or what I *can* find is not what I'm looking for):

* Live music: he's not a classical or pop guy; more indie rock and or psychedelic/GD-ish.
* Sauna and massage: I can find massage places/spas and a handful of infrared saunas (which are fine, but the options I've found are the type where your head sticks out of the box/tent, and that is not what I'm going for)
* Museums: the NC Museum of Art looks cool but it closes at 5 so that may not work well if we're stuck in appointments later than we anticipate. I'd hate to only have an hour there (but maybe that's okay?)

Any other ideas? Please, go nuts! Thanks!
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Not a Raleigh person, but I lived in the area ages ago. The Museum of Art is cool, and also super neat is the Museum Park just outside the Museum, and it's open til dusk. So I'd say to go to the inside exhibits first and then plan to spend a while outside, checking out the large outside sculptures.
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Grant-Lee Phillips is playing at Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill (a great Triangle-area venue) Thursday night.

Tangential to sauna/massage: A few months ago I had my first experience with a sound bath, and it was incredible. There is going to be a sound bath meditation event in Knightdale (about 15 miles east of Raleigh) on Thursday night. I can't vouch for these folks specifically, but it's definitely a unique eperience!
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The Art Museum is free so sure, an hour would be fine - and like bluedaisy says, the sculpture garden is lovely. The JC Raulston Arboretum is nearby and also free (but closes at the same time) - it's small, but packed with all sorts of plants and lovely even if your mobility is limited. If you're up for walking a bit, Umstead State Park has a wide variety of trails and will be open until dusk. I don't live in Raleigh (just elsewhere in the Triangle), and can't say I can comment much on nightlife in the city. But I'll affirm that Cat's Cradle is a lovely venue if you're willing to venture outside Raleigh. Durham also has a number of music venues (Motorco, Carolina Theater sometimes, the Pinhook, the Blue Note Grill) worth checking - UNC, NC State and Duke all regularly have performances (theater, dance, music) too.
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If it's in your budget, you could book a massage at the Umstead in Cary.

Would something like Boxcar be of interest to you guys? It's a bar and arcade.

As for museums, I was going to suggest CAM Raleigh but they close at 5 pm.

The Museum Park of the NC Museum of Art has trails and outdoor sculptures and is open till dusk. I think you can also rent ebikes.
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Where are you staying in town, and how much are you willing to drive?

There are some really walkable areas around downtown Raleigh, if it sounds appealing to get a coffee/bubble tea/ice cream and stroll and window-shop or check out some mini parks.

I highly recommend the NCMA and outdoor area (and you can peer into the windows of the indoor portion after hours, which is fun).

And if you're willing to drive to Durham, there's a whole other set of walkable downtown areas and scenic campus strolls around Duke. Also performances--the Pinhook is great and there are also some good record stores around the area.
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I looked up the concerts and there's not much going on next Thursday in Raleigh or Durham. Cat's Cradle as mentioned above is a great venue and they do have one show on the 11th (but not Grant-Lee Phillips who is tomorrow). Cat's cradle is in Chapel Hill around half an hour from Raleigh and there are good restaurants nearby. It looks like the botanical gardens at UNC are open until 7pm for an evening event that could be fun, and that's also in Chapel Hill.

If you do want to stay in Raleigh, I would pick a good reviewed restaurant and check it out. There are actually a lot of great restaurants of all types of food around here and thursday nights aren't usually very crowded.
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Oh there is actually a show at the Pour House that night that looks pretty good as it has some local indie rock groups. Pour House is a smaller venue right in downtown raleigh.
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(Shoot, totally misread that it’s next Thursday. Apologies!)
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Chapel Hill and Durham are great places, but I'd avoid driving to either from Raleigh anywhere close to rush hour if you're not up for hellacious traffic, and it can be a slog no matter the time of day.

North Carolina State U is right there in Raleigh, and they are a large campus with some interesting things going on, so it's worth checking out their events calendar, as many of their events are open to the public.

Here's a talk with some indigenous women musicians that sounds like the kind of thing you won't get many places other than a college campus, as one example. And who wouldn't want to attend a play about Ada Lovelace?

If you're up for a drive, maybe choose Durham over Chapel Hill, as it's a bit closer, and then you can look at events there too.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone, for your ideas! For posterity's sake I'll post what we've decided to do: visit the North Carolina State Farmers Public Market! My guy is a huge gardener (veg, flowers, trees, you name it -- he managed the farm at Esalen in Big Sur CA for years) and this is his kind of happy place + they're open until 7p! We have a massive vegetable garden, fruit trees, blueberry and raspberry bushes, etc. at our home here in WNC and are always looking for new and interesting stuff to grow (or try to, anyway!) It's early here for there to be lots of produce but they also seem to have food, shops, crafts, etc. so hopefully plenty to occupy our eyes, brains, etc. Thanks again everyone!
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