What photography company used or uses this logo?
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I have some vintage film photo gear, including a lens cap with this logo. Can anyone identify the company? To me it looks like an "E" or a bridge, depending on the orientation. The lens cap also has "NI" or "IN" in tiny letters and "MADE IN JAPAN."
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Best answer: The symbol is a stylized sigma and it's an old logo for Sigma Photo in Japan. You can see the logo in this video about the history of Sigma Photo @ 1:23.
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Best answer: Or the featured photo in this Sigma magazine article.
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The lens cap also has "NI" or "IN" in tiny letters

If that's the rear lens cap it likely means the lens is meant for Nikon.

Sigma is one of the manufacturers that build their lenses to fit different mounts. Usually all of the (back then) big 5: Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus and Minolta, often M42, and a varying number of the lesser brands. All of those are mechanically different, and not all of them are easily distinguishable so they often have a marking on the mount and sometimes on the rear cap as well.
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Pondering the logo, I can’t find this documented anywhere, but I think it’s intended to resemble a camera lens in cross-section, with the curved lens element on the inside enclosed by the body.
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