Underwater camera advice?
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If you already own a Fujifilm FinePix XP120, would you get an OM SYSTEM Tough TG-7 if you're only an occasional underwater photographer (2-7 underwater shoots per year scuba diving/snorkeling and dipping into lakes/rivers) or do you think they're comparable enough that it's not worth the money to upgrade if the FinePix XP120 is still operating well?

I do wish the quality of imagery from the FinePix XP120 was better, which is why I started looking into it.

If it matters, my main camera is a Sony Cyber-shot RX100 VII and I love it - for me, it's the right combo of extremely compact and powerful. I guess I could instead buy a housing for it like the Sea Frogs Underwater Camera Case, but that makes me really nervous as I'd hate to have an accident happen and lose my main camera; I prefer having the two camera system. Plus the housing looks like it's kinda clunky to have along with.
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I can't speak from personal experience to either camera, but am a scuba instructor and see quite a lot of folks who are very happy with the TG-7. I've also been super impressed with the photo quality they've shown me. I shoot a Canon Gx7x mark ii with all the strobes and bells and whistles and am often blown away with what some of my divers get with the TG-7 just on its own.

I am also a two camera being. My land camera will never see below the surface of the water, tis too scary. I do recommend getting the housing for the TG-7 if you plan to dive with it. It is technically waterproof to 15m but the buttons start pressing themselves at about 8-9m which gets annoying real fast if you like to fiddle with settings at depth.
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