Mother’s Day Gifts
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Hi all, I could use some help with a Mother’s Day gift. I’m looking for anything and everything you have given or are planning to give for this occasion.

We’ve been at this awhile and I have given this woman every conceivable gift. Robes, slippers, flowers, etc. The only limitations are no gift cards, no experiences, and no quality time as we don’t live in the same city. And I’m not going to make anything.

Other than that, I welcome anything and everything, even if it’s very particular to your mother. Thank you!
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Does she have a tablet? Moms love tablets.
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Best thing I ever got for Mother's Day was a fencing sabre. Moms love single combat and being the hero.
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This Salt vessel.
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Skylight picture frame. Anticipating some issues: you can preload them with a bunch of pictures. If your mom is able to get the frame online, you can add more pictures via the app at any distance.

Storyworth. You select 52 questions that they get emailed. The answer via email and at the end of the year it becomes a printed book. You also get emailed the answers throughout the year and can respond.

A book of recipes I’ve enjoyed and think they will too.

Housecleaning service
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Does she like to cook or bake? If so, maybe some spices from Penzeys?
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We got my mother an Aura electric picture frame a few years ago, a bit pricy but dang it's easy to set up and she is delighted when new photos just appear.

If your mom doesn't have WIFI, then it's more complicated.
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Lamp of the moon which was a big hit.

Rancho Gordo beans

A gift-wrapped smoked salmon. Actually Harry & David is usually pretty good if you know what she likes. I have never been disappointed by what they sent, it's always as described in the listing.

Shari's Berries are great and they have next-day delivery even on Sundays if you may or may not have forgotten Mother's Day. I have a mom and a step-mom and they both liked this.

My mom didn't like Storyworth, but she did like a hatchet and a non-antique Kewpie I got her once (different occasions.) So it's very YMMV.
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My mom liked:
an expensive shrub for the yard
Le Creuset enameled Dutch oven
music CDs
fancy skin care lotions in the brands she favors

I am also a mother and I would like things such as plants for the yard, nice(r) hand towels, gloves - the kinds of items that wear out every couple of years so new ones are a treat.
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One of my absolute favorite as a mother is a photo of my two adult kids taken at the local low cost photo studio. The pose had some special meanings - foreheads touching in reference to a family photo taken when they were young and giant numbers representing my age at the time.

Another favorite was something that referenced a common interest - in my case a hand blown glass klein bottle celebrating a mutual love of geeky math stuff but anything that evoked common interest or precious childhood memories goes over well at my house.
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Seconding Shari’s Berries, they were such a hit with my mom that the one year I didn’t send them she essentially made sure that I sent them for her birthday 2 months later. Now I have a calendar reminder to order them each year.
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Fancy chocolate? I've given and received from both Chocolate Therapy and Dandelion Chocolate and enjoyed both. Chocolate Therapy let's you pick individual flavors. Dandelion had beautiful packaging that makes it feel special and gift-y.
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Response by poster: There are a lot of great ideas here, thank you!
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