Summer cocooning recommendations?
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From September to May, the highlight of my day is the evening, when I get to climb into bed with microwave heating packs, pile on the weighted blankets, and cocoon. In June, July, and August, it's way too hot to do this and I miss it so much.

My room is on the third floor of a house without central A/C, and I have a casement window, so I can't even fit a window unit (I think? Tell me if I'm wrong here). I have a portable A/C unit instead, which keeps things bearable if you sit right in front of it. I pop my heating packs into the freezer and use them as ice packs.

Still, it's way too hot to get under a pile of blankets, and cold packs are refreshing, not cozy. It's nice to sit in bed piled with ice packs, sipping a cold drink, and having cold air blown on me, but it's not the least bit cozy, and that's what I'm looking for. Does anyone have any recommendations for how to get a sense of coziness/cocooning like that in the heat?
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I have a weighted blanket, one of those huge chunky knit ones like this, that doesn't really hold heat at all and I can use it all summer, but it stays cozy.
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If you can get a chunky knit-style weighted blanket and aim the AC directly at you, that might work. Bearaby’s claims that their Treenapper blanket is “cooling” is an outright lie, frankly, but it is much cooler than a weighted blanket filled with sand.
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Do you have a bathtub? What about spending time in your nice bathtub with water of the most pleasant temperature?
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Maybe a full length body pillow or two, to provide structure and support from the side?
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There are window units designed for tall/narrow casement windows if you decide you want one.
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What about some sort of mesh hammock so you can get airflow on your backside and keep cool while still using a weighted blanket.
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What’s the setup of your room like, such that the portable AC is so ineffective? Get white lined blackout curtains and keep them shut, and get some foam insulation to block any gaps in the window where the AC presumably lets out warm air. Keep your door closed and use soft lighting. Make your room into a little cave. Over the course of the day while you are out the AC should be able to make your room cool, as long as you’ve got the curtains drawn and door closed and any other gaps covered, so it’s dark and the AC is assisted by your walls.

Once your room is cooled you should be able to use a comforter or duvet, try Tencel which I find especially nice, or linen. Unfortunately your body produces heat so making a bunch of air insulation between you and the AC, like with a thick down comforter, will cause eventual sweatiness, but you might find your cold packs can be placed around to help. Maybe tucked inside a duvet cover? Also try a quilt, which might be heavier without so much insulation. And keep the lights dim and close to you for the vibe.
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If your ceiling has a way to safely anchor it, maybe you would like a swinging hammock chair? There are a lot of different styles. I think the ones that have the cross bar and fabric seat are cozier than the macrame disc style ones, but all are pleasant. Hopefully you could hang it directly in front of your AC and snuggle in.
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Maybe your A/C isn’t powerful enough? Does the BTU match your room requirements?

BTU Calculator
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Sleep outdoors in a sleeping bag or bivvy sack
Fire pit outdoors for entertainment, use a lap blanket
Swim in a warm pool, especially at night
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We just got out of our hot weather season here. I have a few heavy linen blankets that I fold and pile onto myself in bed. We also have a cooling pad (it’s technically for pets, but it’s the same as human ones and a fraction of the price) that I like to place in between the blankets for extra cooling heaviness.
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