Trifold “cabinet” style bed: as comfortable as a Murphy bed?
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Have you slept on a bed that folds out of a cabinet or chest? These usually have trifold memory foam mattresses.

Looking for alternatives to a Murphy bed that has to be attached to the wall, but want something that two adults wouldn’t mind sleeping on for a few days
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Response by poster: Link didn’t work but here’s an example:
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My parents have one of these and I sleep on it every time I’m there. Slept on it for two weeks straight last time and had no problems with it at all.
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If you look at those folding mattresses, they are extremely thin compared a regular mattress. Not saying thicker is quality, but unless you like firm beds, that's not going to be comfortable, IMHO of course. IMHO, you are better served by a modern air mattress, which at least can be of proper height.
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Yeah I think the degree to which a 4-5 inch mattress (the usual height of a trifold mattress) is going to be comfortable is really dependent on the person. As a 150-pound back sleeper I am able to sleep on my trifold mattress (I use it for car camping) no problem as long as it's not on top of, like, actual rocks; heavier people and/or side sleepers may find that they bottom out on the mattress. You might be able to alleviate some of this by putting a thick mattress topper on top, but that takes up a lot of room when it's not on the bed.
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If it helps, at least one company, Wilding Wallbeds, has wooden cabinet Murphy beds /chest beds rated up to 600 lbs for two adults. The Harrison model's mattress is described as 6" thick, the Cube's is a "gel-infused memory foam mattress" of unspecified depth.
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I think it really depends on the mattress. My friend has a couch that folds down into a bed, I sadly don't find it comfortable, I think it's b/c it's trying to be both a couch and a mattress (and isn't futon material). OTOH I bought these tri fold nap mattresses' for my kids a few years ago when they were coming into our room during the pandemic, and for various reasons I've ended up sleeping on them and except for being a tad short for me I'm pretty comfortable sleeping on them.
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Yes, I have one and sleep on it occasionally, and it's very comfortable, and my guests have never complained other than one person who doesn't like the shelf over your head when you sleep (but I think that's kind of cosy). Mine's a Clover Murphy cabinet bed. I have a faint memory that I got the nicer mattress option, but that might be wrong.
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For any of these kinds of beds, I always take the mattress out and lay it flat on the floor. I consider the sofa or container just a holder for the mattress. This way you don't get that annoying "bar in the back" issue. That might not work for some people who have issues getting up from the ground but it might be a good solution for your guests.
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