Is it possible to use an old iPhone as a remote camera for a new iPhone?
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I have an iPhone X and would love to be able to use it as a baby monitor showing on my iPhone. Is that possible?

Wouldn’t mind paying if it’s worth it. I figured there must be a Remote Desktop type app but that seems disallowed by Apple. Googling mostly turns up using your iPhone as a remote camera for your Mac but that’s not what I want as this would be for traveling.
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i’ve done this for travel by just setting up a facetime call between the two devices.
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Totally possible, using an app called "Manything" which unfortunately has a monthly subscription fee. The camera-phone needs a power supply, or else it will drain rather quickly. Have used this setup several times, and found it to be pretty flexible and felt good to put an old iphone to use again.
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This pay-once app might work: AirBeam Video Surveillance. I used it briefly a couple years ago for remote inspection under my house (iPhone on a stick, iPad in hand).
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Best answer: Alfred Camera. Does exactly this (and more).
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Live Reporter IP Camera, free, no registration required
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Seconding Alfred
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We used Baby Monitor 3G for this when traveling.
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