custom card sleeves
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I am looking for clear vinyl sleeves for trading cards that have the dimensions 120 mm x 70 mm (4.72" by 2.7559" inches). Ideally the sleeves would fit the cards fairly snugly. It's an odd size, and I don't believe that any generic card sleeves will work. Thanks for any suggestions. They are for a game called "Blue Moon" by Reiner Knizia.

(This is a fishing expedition--I don't think the answer is googleable, I am just hoping that someone out there knows of a source, offhand.)
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How many of these are you looking for?

Vinyl is easy to stitch or seal together, so you can get these made up if the quantity is economical, say around 1,000. Have you looked to see if other people want these too?
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Try posing this question on -- you'll get 10 answers in five minutes, I bet.
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sorry, that's -- no "s" at the end
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Info, via BGG
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Ah, so Mr. craniac has already tried BGG.

Then I've got nothin'.
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I haven't got the slightest clue if this is any help, but Reiner Knizia is German, so I assume the card games were published in Germany first. The cards measurements convert to 12 x 7 cm - maybe this is not such an odd size in Germany. Try asking the German fans at Blue Moon Fans (site in German, but they should understand English just fine) - or maybe check on or something like that? Or try to send e-mail to the German publisher Kosmos, their e-mail address is (I can attest that they are very friendly: I once got a game with a broken figurine, so I sent them e-mail ald received a complete set of new figurines for free.
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1. Get two (many?) sheets of clear plastic.
2. Draw lines with permanent marker, corresponding to the size you'd like.
3. Run superhot pizza cutter over lines, a metal ruler and gas stove may help.
4. Profit! or,
5. Give up in disgust.

I have not tried to, nor will I ever try, this.
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I asked a place for a bid on custom sleeves. There are potentially about 300 1people that want this. Thanks all.

1. number pulled out of nose.2

2. I learned to do superscript just for this post. And I plan to abuse that skill.
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