How to find spare parts for my car online?
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Is there an online outlet/store to find spare parts for cars?

Both of my visors on my Nissan Altima just recently broke, and getting replacement visors thru Nissan is going to cost $170 (!). Does anyone know of a decent online resource (or even a junkyard in the Austin, TX area) that might be more affordable?
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Your best bet would be to call around to some salvage yards in the area. As far as online - I've used, and heard ok things about
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There's a pretty good junkyard on either South 1st or South Congress just north of William Cannon. I don't know what standard junkyard protocol is... some places seem to get bent out of shape if I go wandering in the yard, others don't care... this one doesn't care.
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I use Ebay for car parts. It has worked wonderfully.
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I don't know that you'll have any luck finding visors there but I buy most of my by-mail car parts at Rock Auto
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I get OEM parts for Toyota, Nissan, Honda, etc. from PartzNet, they're pretty good. These are new parts, from the manufacturer, and you pay less than you would at a dealer. They won't be nearly as cheap as a junkyard though.
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I've used autopartswarehouse, parts were delivered way faster than I thought they would. Don't know how they compare re: price, though.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers!!
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