The Art of Noise
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Do you talk whilst doing it*?

I never know if I should gab, pillow talk or just machine away.

*the in and out
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Further, I never know if I should give in to the mild temptation to sound like a porn movie, "oh your * is so * and it * so * * *." Or just like converse about the day.
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Yes, and she'll often tell me to shut up :) I think most women would do the same, so you've got nothing to worry about.
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Whatever gets you and your partner hot.

When you don't know your partner, figuring out what works for both of you is part of the frisson and fun!
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Talking/noise = huge turn-on.

(Are we allowed these types of threads?)
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though afterwards I couldn't tell you what I'd said even if I was inclined to share it
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Just like, you know, "touch my this", "suck my such-and-such", "something all over my whatever".
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Sometimes the conversations get too interesting, though. Or just too weird to carry on while... carrying on. Be careful what you talk about.

Conversely, non-conversation talking can be nice, although I never really know what to say without sounding completely stupid. Some kind of (happy sounding) noise is probably best.

Okay, probably not only "happy sounding" noises. Something that makes your partner know you're enjoying yourself. Complete silence is kinda creepy.
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I have no problems talking dirty or expressing my desires before or after, but I always feel self-concious if I talk during, like I'm reading some second rate porn script.

This is especially weird since I'm pretty sure that my SO likes the added, ahem, input.
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Unless you're telling me how hot I look or are whispering all the dirty things you want to do to me, no. We're fucking, not chatting. Talking during sex is a real turn-off for me.
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("Otters all over my colander!" "Suck my galoshes!" ed\26h's sex life would make for awesome Mad Libs.)

Making small talk is bad. But hey, if something happens that you'd comment on with your clothes on (noise at the door, hair in mouth, Ms. Bucket looks especially ravishing), feel free to comment with your clothes off.
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I think it's fair game - talking, chatting, giggling. I mean, the way to keep it from sounding like a "second rate porn script" is to be real. Don't take it too seriously, if something happens, crack a joke about it. Otherwise it's just awkward.

Just do not talk about sports, the weather, or work. Talking is allowed, boring talking is not.
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Yes, but only while wearing my seatbelt.
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yeah- it's not like I'm talking about my day at work. I stick to the subject at hand. so to speak.
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Metafilter: "Something all over my whatever!"

But seriously, yes, talking about the matter at hand can be very helpful. Looking back, most of my partners either engaged in this behavior, appreciated it when I did, or both. Sometimes namecalling is appreciated, as well.
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Yes. But avoid phrases such as: "Will this affect my grade in your class?" or "I don't have enough money for the pizza. Can we work something out?"

Some women have no sense of humor.
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There is some talking that goes on, but it's very businesslike.

There are also plenty of un-businesslike noises because yeah... complete silence is a turn-off. Unless of course, this is a stealth mission. In which case, trying to be quiet is half the fun.
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most of my coital communications are for the sake of utility. if someone tried to "talk dirty to me," I'd probably reply with, "oooooook" and finish up.

I will say, however, that it's a bad idea to give a high-five in the middle of the act.
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No, a bad idea is, "Have I ever told you how much you remind me of my father?"
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Sometimes I say the alphabet backwards.
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Just don't think about it. If you can't let your guard down then, then when can you?
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I'm all in favor of the talking so long as it's real and not cliche'd. I'm a very verbal person and it clicks into my brain in a really nice way if the person is really into what they're saying. Also, a little friendly, silly, goofing around verbally and flirting is nice to create a comfortable, playful atmosphere. But it really depends on the verbal inclination of the partner.
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Yes, I find a little whispering whilst love-making can really get the juices flowing. Gently communicating things like "You look so sexy in this candle light", "would you like another chocolate-covered strawberry?", "is the Al Green too loud?" and "let me know if that hurts your asshole" can only be viewed as attentive caring by a fellow lover. And bonus - while you're there you can playfully nibble on the earlobe a bit.
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Yes, but be wary of saying something so funny that she bursts out laughing for a good 5-10 minutes, ignoring your tender ministrations.

Does wonders for your self esteem, that.
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matildaben nailed it for me. (So to speak.)

Playful chat in context = big ups. I hate people who are so consistently Serious in bed.

(Having said that, I can recall having been told to shut up at least twice.)
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Silent bugs me, talking about sports or music bugs me.

But I love a partner who says things like, "faster, harder, slower" and of course variations on "ohyesrighttheredon'tstopdon'tstop."
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Yes, but it's mostly directional or sexual ("Oh, that makes me feel good!," but that could be both sexual or directional, I guess).
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That's the only time he'll listen to what I did all day!
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I talk. I prefer to ask for outrageous things -- because in bed the answer is always yes. (Especially right before, rather than during, I suppose. Though if one pauses contemplatively while asking, during works.)
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Sometimes, but it's not really me. I tend to lose myself internally, not externally. Good sex takes me a long way beyond speech.
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Sometimes I say the alphabet backwards.

You should do that on her clit with your tongue.

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Vocal feedback is greatly appreciated, but linguistic feedback isn't necessary for that.
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Non-lingual verbalisations are a must. Requests, guidance, reassurances, are great too. Dirty talk is marvellous. But what's really fun is talking about something completely unrelated while gettin' it on. Like asking someone to explain dark matter, for example, or having an debate about grammar. Now that's hot.
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And funny.
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I think it's good practice to talk while doing it. It's pretty cool to have your partner say how good you make them feel.
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OH, but the dark matter/grammer debate thing sounds pretty hot too.
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Packy_1962, it's "grammar." OH BABY! correcting others really gets me hot. [lights cigarette]
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The Girl and I talk during sex all the time. Most of the time it's her begging for whatever it is she wants me to do to her next, but we've definitely had times when we just started talking about random stuff. Lots of fun.
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Talk? Hell.. My partner once read a magazine during.

It was entirely based on a dare that she wouldn't do it. New Scientist is an interesting magazine, but not *that* interesting.
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I think you should do whatever it is that feels right. But I do like to hear taht my partner is having a good time.
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I know I'm a little late, but I had to chip in on this one.

Talk = good.

At the very least, moans and groans of appreciation. Sex wouldn't be sex if it were silent. Talking about it while you're do it makes it even better.
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