Games like "The Incredible Machine"?
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I loved that old game "The Incredible Machine" Any suggestions for more recent games in a similar vein?
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Chain Reaction :
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I'm so glad you asked this question, I've been looking myself.

Blueprint (flash, on the blue a few months ago) is pretty satisfying, but you can beat all of the levels in a few hours.
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TIM3 I think ran under Windows. Windows 3.1, but Windows nonetheless.

There was also "the incredible toon machine" from Sierra/Dynamic.
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It's not a game in the same sense but if you liked TIM, you may find soda constructor pushes the same buttons for you. Check out the sodarace section.
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Enigmo. And Enigmo 2.
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There were/are sequels to it, too. Some pretty recent (as in a few years). An oldie but goody Windows puzzle game that reminds of TIM is Kye.
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Laser is a flash game that is fun and somewhat similar. Oxyd and MacPipes are similar but also pretty old.
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"Rocky's Boots" for the Apple ][ has some of the same flavor. (Though if you consider The Incredible Machine old...)
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Give Eets a try. It doesn't look much like TIM, but the mechanic of 'fit things together to solve' is the same. And the free demo has a great music track.
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You probably already know this one, but Lemmings might push some of the same buttons too.
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Buy Half Life 2, download Gerry's Mod. Voila. Freeform 3-D physics sandbox fun. No goals, but oh man it has some excellent fun physics, if that's what you're going for.
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You can run T.I.M. under if you're feeling nostalgic. I ran it perfectly on my Linux box.
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Gah! Sorry about that. Should be "under DOSBox if you're feeling nostalgic.
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Tube Twist: Fewer different types of pieces, but a fun game nonetheless. A full featured demo is available that includes a handful of levels.
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Well, there's the Incredible Toon Machine, which I rocked pretty heavily on my family's old Gateway Back In The Day (which was... uh... 1996?). It was quite a bit like TIM, just with a different premise. I liked it a little more than TIM, but it was still pretty similar.
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There's a German game called Crazy Machines that looks similiar to TIM, but I haven't tried it yet.
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A little different, but in the same vein is Whizzball, which lets you create your own levels and share them with other players. This leads to there being a ton of levels to play (like, 20000), although many are of low quality (too easy or too ridiculous).
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