Ever heard of the Acer TM4674WLMi laptop?
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Ever heard of the Acer TM4674WLMi laptop?

I've seen the Acer TM4674WLMi laptop on sale at various places (including J&R for $1600). This seems like a darn good deal for a 2 Ghz Intel Core Duo laptop with 2 GB RAM, 120 GB HD, X1400 Radeon etc. -- but try as I might, my Google-fu is weak and I cannot find a single review of it anywhere online.

Has anyone here had experience with Acer laptops or this model specifically?
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I have always liked Acer products. I have had a couple of laptops and a PDA. Never had any major problems, but the speakers are terrible.
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Seconding priorpark17. I love my Acer Ferrari (4005WLMi), but the speakers are the weak point. They're OK for laptop speakers, but nothing special: too bad Acer can't drop in some Altec Lansings or something. Other than that the machine is a beast.
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For what it's worth. Newegg has a couple of positive reviews from users. It seems like a great price for what you get, but be aware that this is more a desktop replacement than a true portable. It's kind of porky at 6.6 pounds. According to the translated review at ZDNet.be, the battery lasts about 2 hours on a charge.
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I have an Acer notebook as well. The chassis is on the flimsy side compared to more expensive notebooks but it's not treated gently around my place and it doesn't seem any worse for wear. As everyone else has said, the sound from the speakers is not great but the headphone port's right up front on most of their models.

Acer tends to do a lot of models that are very similar within a range. You might do well to search for "Travelmate 4600". The reviews you find should give you a good indication of what people think of variations of the same basic configuration.

Here's an example:
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I've got a 1690WLMI and have loved it dearly for almost a year now.

One caveat, a lot of people seem to have trouble with Linux on these machines, I've had trouble with Knoppix and Ubuntu live CD's. Acer does offer a Linux recovery CD, so you can get it to work, but it will require some hacking around with stuff.
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I love my Acer (it's a Aspire 5672). The Core Duo notebooks are so new that you're not likely to find reviews yet. Notebook Review is the best resource I've found for early-adopter reviews. Check their forum, although I don't see anything about the 4674 yet.

The 4674 looks nearly identical to the 5672 except for a faster processor. Also, the "TravelMate" line usually have slightly more rugged construction than the "Aspire" line.

I'm very happy with the 5672. The biggest downside is that it runs a bit hot - not dangerously so, but sometimes annoyingly. You won't find a Core Duo notebook that doesn't run hot yet, though. The speakers aren't much good, but all notebook speakers are crap.
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