Scheduled online fitness classes that are NOT yoga or gym-culture
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Looking for recs to either individual teachers, studios or directories for livestreamed classes that you have to register and preferably pay for. Not on-demand because I will never demand a fitness class when the sofa is right there, please. I've searched Mindbody, google and reddit, and while I can find this for yoga, HITT, etc, what I really want is functional fitness or something low-key and not 'yay I lost ten pounds, look at my massive muscles, no pain no gain' sort of ethos.

Anyone outside of US-time zones especially appreciated, or aimed at neurodivergent/chronic illnesses etc.

I really like the feeling of the yoga scheduled live-stream classes, I just hate yoga.
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This might be higher-key than what you're looking for, but I like the (explicitly disability-inclusive) ethos of Pony Sweat.
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There's a New Zealand based woman's fitness program called "She Moves" They run a range of classes from beginners thru high intensity.
The classes are live streamed via a Facebook group you'd need to be a member of, and are also archived in the Facebook group. Classes are live 6am or 10am or 7pm New Zealand time, so your mileage may vary depending on time zone.
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Zumba? Maybe zumba instructors have online classes. Find a local one from local recommendations/googling for more of a connection and "real person" vibe instead of "influencer" vibe. You can have your video turned off and follow along. It's typically "pas as you go" though, so I'm not sure if that's too "on demand" for you. But they teach at specific times that they announce in advance.
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How do you feel about dance? For my money the Lit Fit classes at Fit4Dance (virtual is currently Monday evening and Saturday morning) are THE most fun you can have while also getting moderately sweaty. My sense from the current schedule is that they're only livestreaming in-person classes and no longer doing virtual-specific classes, which is too bad, but I've taken both types and both are fun.
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Fitragamuffin (IG link)’s inclusive ethos seems to be a good match for your needs, but she offers only 1:1 online training (which is waitlisted at the moment) and on-demand videos.

It seems from your posts that you are based in Singapore/Malaysia? If so perhaps you could try getting in touch with MindfulMotion. Yes she does yoga but also non-yoga strength PT for non-traditional groups e.g older folks, postpartum women and those rehabbing injuries.

I don’t think in general that there are as many live-streamed classes these days, with COVID restrictions no longer being in force.
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Ooh this is my jam. They’re definitely out there, but it is a bit harder to find live ones. If you’re open to recordings down the line, I can DM you those. These are some that are weight-neutral or body inclusive:

Fat Kid Dance Party
Lauren Leavell it is focused on tabata, barre, and strength at home, not sure if that feels too yoga for you.
Roz the Diva focused on fundamentals, strength, and pole dancing
Brooklyn Strength focused on form and function of certain movements
ABH movement they have live classes, though I can’t tell when they start back up. The coach is neurodivergent and focuses on fitness and mental health.

I have a couple more, but I have to hop to work.
Feel free to message me if this isn’t what you’re looking for and I can help find more!
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The Peloton app has live strength classes. In my experience, the Peloton instructors are very body positive and there is zero mention of weight loss or 'no pain no gain' - its very motivational, about showing up for yourself.
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This is US time zones (sorry!) but free. Maybe something here would meet your needs?

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MotivNY does a "Kinstretch" class over zoom once per week for $15. I've never done it on zoom, but I have in person. It's an excellent class focused on deep active stretching - I treat it as a lighter recovery day from HIIT / Martial Arts, but it's been extremely helpful and worth trying at least once. If you like Yoga but not Yoga I would absolutely try it at least once. t's US at noon, which will work for Europe and for parts of Asia, if you're a bit of a night owl.

Also seconding Peloton, even if you want just live classes there are a bunch in European time zones. Low impact cardio, mobility, etc.
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I’ve heard really good things about Lauren Leavell, linked above. She’s body positive / weight neutral, live classes, I’ve specifically heard praise about how she suggest modifications for different bodies, ability levels, etc. No idea if the time zones would work for you.

And yeah, Peloton is good for this kind of thing. SO MANY live classes, so many different instructors and types of classes.
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MommaStrong is a very close match to your description. Functional fitness, very effective, no talk about weight loss or toning or “no pain no gain.” The instructor herself is neurodivergent and deals with an autoimmune disorder. I really like her. I’ve been doing her workouts for about five years. I’d recommend her to anyone with female anatomy (momma or not).

The only one of your criteria that isn’t quite met is the livestream, but a new workout is posted daily, it’s not like you’re on your own with an infinite menu of on-demand options.
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Barrrcore (based in the UK) has livestream classes. Great for working out the muscles you never use if you have been sitting down a lot. There are sample on demand videos if you want to se what you will be getting yourself into.
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